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They were exceptional, from the front desk to the neurologist. They offered the topmost customer experience. They were very detailed about the subject matter, and I will recommend them any day, any time

June 6, 2022
We walked into Inspire Pediatric Neurology lost in hypothesis and conjecture and intimidated in how to navigate the path to answers and a diagnosis. From the second we spoke with Beth on the phone, we were confident we were in the right hands. Dr. Sidhu has been incredible to us every step of the way. From meeting with our son to navigating needed tests to interpreting results and observations in a way that made us confident in our path forward, we could not be more thankful for the care we've received at the practice. I could not recommend it more highly.

Gwen Brannon
March 4, 2022
Dr. Sidhu is a wonderful, caring and very experienced pediatric neurologist. My 13 yo son is on the autism spectrum (high functioning). At the beginning of 8th grade year he developed complex vocal and motor tics. When I reached out to Dr. Sidhu and explained my son’s condition she took action in this quest to develop a treatment plan for my son. Before and at our first appointment I felt tremendous weight had been lifted because I finally found a doctor, medical and office staff that understands what a parent faces with a child with special needs. Inspire Pediatric Neurology is the complete package. Lisa is very resourceful and has been a great help in finding different social program groups for my son, not to mention the value information she provides in navigating my son’s journey through this process. Dr. Sidhu is very accessible and she will respond to any questions, requests, emails, etc in a timely manner. I love Dr. Sidhu and her staff. Everyone is very nice and professional.

February 4, 2022
I chanced upon Inspire pediatric Neurology though Facebook and my experience with Dr. Sidhu and her team has been nothing but exceptional. I had to have my son evaluated for Autism and most of the Practices I called had waitlists that were nothing short of 3 months. At Inspire I got an appointment fairly quick. From that the first appointment until the final diagnosis, they have gone out of their way to answer all my questions, providing resources, and getting my son on the right path for the services he needed. For example, my son needed some blood work, and we were having an issue as to where to get them done. Dr. Sidhu personally took the time to call me and give me suggestions. She then had her office call the Labs to find out where they could be done. The appointments are very thorough and insightful, the doctor explains and answers all our questions in detail. The level of care, compassion, and communication from the Inspire team is of the highest level. It is not just an evaluation but a whole care package at Inspire Pediatric neurology.

S. Maitra
November 12, 2021
My experience with Inspire Pediatric Neurology was like non other, I didn't feel like I was in a doctor's office,I felt like I had met new family.From the moment I walked in the door,I felt welcomed,though I went to the wrong location and was late getting to the right location they were very pleasant and understanding. Dr.Sidhu and her staff are the VERY best.

Angela S.
September 16, 2021