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See what our Inspire families are saying ...

Best experience at any doctor we have ever been too. Extremely grateful for the time Dr. Sidhu spent with our son. She helped restore my faith in the medical system.

May 2024 (5 star google review)
Dr. Sidhu and her team are amazing. From the fast follow-up from the referral from our pediatrician to getting the appropriate tests and procedures done to find out what was really going on with our daughter. We felt heard and seen from the very beginning.

A. Hammond
April 2024 (5 star google review)
Dr Sidhu is an exceptional pediatric neurologist who genuinely cares about the well-being of her patients. From the moment we stepped into her office, we felt welcomed and at ease. She always takes time to listen to our concerns and answers our questions.

E. Arthur
February 2024 (5 star google review)
Dr. Sidhu is the best! She is caring, empathetic, kind, extremely knowledgeable, and very thorough. And her team is A+ as well. Everyone in the office is so caring, and they make you feel at home.

A. Green
January 2024 (5 star google review)
Dr. Reet Sidhu is an excellent doctor. She is patient, kind, compassionate, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend Dr. Sidhu highly.
August 2023 (5 star google review)
We have had a great experience with Dr Sidhu and her staff. She came strongly recommended by our OT and Speech therapist who operate independently from her office. Dr. Sidhu was very kind, professional, and detailed with our evaluation and follow up. Her suggestions for tests etc. allowed us to find a rare but accurate diagnosis for our son. Our son looks forward to visiting Dr. Sidhu and quickly felt at ease with her, allowing him to perform his best for the evaluations. I think the small office, her friendly staff, and Dr. Sidhu's warm demeanor made this possible. I would and have strongly recommended her to parents looking for answers.

M. Andreas
July 2023 (5 star google review)
Highly recommend! Dr Sidhu is different from many providers in that she is extraordinarily thorough and really takes the time to get to know her patients. As a social worker I’ve seen many different care providers and I find Dr Sidhu to be so knowledgeable and someone who always puts her patients’ needs first. Definitely recommend!

A. Reynolds
July 2023 (5 star google review)
Dr. Sidhu is the best of the best, in our mind! Our twin boys were misdiagnosed by a pediatric psychologist. A year later, we came to Dr. Sidhu to find answers and get a correct diagnosis - whatever it would be. She is very good at discerning between ADHD alone or Autism. I am glad that we can move forward with the correct treatment program for our boys instead of applying the wrong techniques based on a misdiagnosis. Second opinions matter - always trust your gut mamas!

A. Benton
July 2023 (5 star google review)
We are so thankful for Dr. Sidhu. She properly diagnosed our daughter after years and years of confusion and hopelessness. Her team is incredible!

B. Dickson
July 2023 (5 star google review)
From the very beginning, Hana was amazing with communication. When she set up the appointment, she gave me clear instructions about all that we needed to do. We went to Dr. Sidhu as as second opinion after we took our son with ASD to another practice and received confusing results of an EEG. She took a great deal of time with us and asked very specific questions so that she could thoroughly understand the nature of my son’s problem. She has a very kind manner. She helped guide us through next steps, and I trusted her that she was covering all possibilities. We were able to get a clear answer about our questions. We will definitely be back if we need a neurologist in the future.

L. Tschan
February 2023 (Google 5 star review)
Dr. Sidhu is excellent! She is very thorough and explains everything in detail and in a way that is easy to understand. Having been referred from a retiring practice where my child had been a patient for 20 years, I was nervous to start over with a new doctor, but I was put at ease with my first phone call to schedule the initial consult. Then when we did finally meet for the first appointment I knew it was going to be great. I was amazed at how in depth she was willing to dig to help us. She asked questions dating back to infancy. She spent a lot of time with us making sure she had a clear understanding of my child’s history. She really cares and is very patient. Her superpower is her listening skills! She doesn’t miss anything! I highly recommend Dr. Sidhu!!! I would also like to add that the staff is excellent also. It’s a lovely office with a small staff. They are all knowledgeable and care about the patient. They actually answer the telephone, and if they cannot, you WILL get a return call. Dr. Sidhu returns all calls and responds to all portal questions herself when the calls or questions are medical in nature, but if it’s a business office or insurance question, then the staff will respond. Don’t let the fact that this is a new practice deter you, instead read her bio and you will see that she well qualified! I am optimistic that we will make great progress with our new doctor!!!

D. Johnson
December 2022 (5 star google review)
We could not be happier with Dr. Sidhu. She takes plenty of time to speak not only with me, but with my child, and she genuinely cares about him and his well-being. We are extremely thankful that we found Dr. Sidhu!

A. Thompson
December 2022 (5 star google review)
The best thing I could have done for my son and our family. I believe we went to the top doctor in Atlanta in pediatrics, covering all of your developmental and neuro-develpmental needs and concerns! Thank you so much Dr. Sidhu

L. Tobin
November 2022 (5 star google review)
We see Dr. Sidhu for our 5 year old son with ASD. She is a very professional, kind and compassionate doctor who has provided us with a multitude of options to assist our son with a successful future. Our family is so thankful to have Inspire Pediatric on our care team....highly recommend!

S. Churilla
September 2022 (5 star google review)
Dr. Sidhu is absolutely incredible.Having my child tested for ADHD seemed overwhelming but she made sure that we understood every aspect and were comfortable every step of the way. She was extremely thorough in her evaluation - speaking to teachers, classroom observations, etc. leaving me feeling very confident in our decisions regarding treatment. I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience at this practice.

Y. Evans
September 2022 (5 star google review)
I enjoyed the staff taking every part of insuring I knew what was going on in getting my daughter properly diagnosed. Following up; making sure I was included in all tests/ evaluations. I give the business and staff 5 stars. I am very pleased of the outcome

T. Jackson
August 2022 (5 star google review)
Every aspect of my experience with Inspire Pediatric Neurology was 5 star. Dr. Sidhu is caring, empathetic, extremely knowledgeable, and very thorough. She interacted wonderfully with my son and put us at ease from the moment we met. Her evaluation was quite extensive; it was clear that she takes great care in understanding the whole picture exhaustively before offering a diagnosis. I came in with so many questions and left with answers. I highly recommend Inspire Pediatric Neurology.

J. Felton
August 2022 (5 star google review)
We visited Dr Sidhu for a neurological consultation. As a special needs parent, I count on reviews, but never leave them. It’s so important to find a team of care you can count on and having been to numerous doctors and practices over the years, I have to share that this was a different experience than most. Dr Sidhu is thorough, very knowledgeable, and so kind too. She really took the time to listen and explain everything. From first call, to the beautiful office, the thorough appointment, and the quick follow up care and response, it was a great experience and I’m happy to have found this practice as part of our team.

K Essary.
July 2022 (5 star google review)
This is the best Pediatrics neurologist. They were so helpful and encouraged me to the end. Dr Navreet Sidhu is very thorough, Beth at the Front desk is welcoming and Lisa is the best when it comes to therapy ideas. I will recommend them to everyone and anyone who has a special child.

N George
July 2022 (5 star google review)
Dr. Sidhu was recommended to us by another practice and we are so pleased with the service we've received. She spends a lot of time with us whenever we are in the office and makes sure all of our questions and concerns are addressed. For our initial consult we sent in a TON of paperwork from over the years (therapy notes, medical information, history, etc.) and it was clear that Dr. Sidhu had read every single thing we sent in. We've always left her office with ideas and strategies to use with our son. Being able to ask questions via the patient portal has been a game changer for us. Dr. Sidhu answers question promptly and we've felt incredibly supported in her practice.

E Barnhart
July 2022 (5 star google review)
The entire office staff is a pleasure to be around. They respond right away when you have questions or concerns. I wish I could give a 10 star.

G. Angel
July 2022 (5 star google review)
They were exceptional, from the front desk to the neurologist. They offered the topmost customer experience. They were very detailed about the subject matter, and I will recommend them any day, any time

June 2022
We walked into Inspire Pediatric Neurology lost in hypothesis and conjecture and intimidated in how to navigate the path to answers and a diagnosis. From the second we spoke with Beth on the phone, we were confident we were in the right hands. Dr. Sidhu has been incredible to us every step of the way. From meeting with our son to navigating needed tests to interpreting results and observations in a way that made us confident in our path forward, we could not be more thankful for the care we've received at the practice. I could not recommend it more highly.

Gwen Brannon
March 2022
Dr. Sidhu is a wonderful, caring and very experienced pediatric neurologist. My 13 yo son is on the autism spectrum (high functioning). At the beginning of 8th grade year he developed complex vocal and motor tics. When I reached out to Dr. Sidhu and explained my son’s condition she took action in this quest to develop a treatment plan for my son. Before and at our first appointment I felt tremendous weight had been lifted because I finally found a doctor, medical and office staff that understands what a parent faces with a child with special needs. Inspire Pediatric Neurology is the complete package. Lisa is very resourceful and has been a great help in finding different social program groups for my son, not to mention the value information she provides in navigating my son’s journey through this process. Dr. Sidhu is very accessible and she will respond to any questions, requests, emails, etc in a timely manner. I love Dr. Sidhu and her staff. Everyone is very nice and professional.

February 2022
I chanced upon Inspire pediatric Neurology though Facebook and my experience with Dr. Sidhu and her team has been nothing but exceptional. I had to have my son evaluated for Autism and most of the Practices I called had waitlists that were nothing short of 3 months. At Inspire I got an appointment fairly quick. From that the first appointment until the final diagnosis, they have gone out of their way to answer all my questions, providing resources, and getting my son on the right path for the services he needed. For example, my son needed some blood work, and we were having an issue as to where to get them done. Dr. Sidhu personally took the time to call me and give me suggestions. She then had her office call the Labs to find out where they could be done. The appointments are very thorough and insightful, the doctor explains and answers all our questions in detail. The level of care, compassion, and communication from the Inspire team is of the highest level. It is not just an evaluation but a whole care package at Inspire Pediatric neurology.

S. Maitra
November 2021