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For the convenience and comfort of our patient families, we offer HIPPA-compliant telemedicine visits via video for our established patients.  This enables you to stay in contact with Dr. Sidhu to review progress of your child’s care plan from the comfort of your own home, while reducing the need to travel, arrange childcare for siblings, or take time off work. 



Is telemedicine right for my family?

Our new patient appointments are always completed in person.  This allows Dr. Sidhu to complete a thorough and comprehensive assessment and evaluation of your child.  Once you have completed your initial Neurological Consultation (one visit) or Neurodevelopmental Evaluation (two visits) and have established a strong physician-patient relationship, you have the option to switch to telemedicine visits, if appropriate.


Our video visits provide the same level of care as our in-office visits.  That said, telemedicine is not always appropriate from a medical perspective as some visits require in person physical examinations or assessment of vital signs. Dr. Sidhu will advise you as to whether telemedicine is feasible for your child.  Along the same lines, some families prefer to maintain their follow up visits in person.  If this is your preference, we would love to continue seeing you in our office!



Getting the most out of your telemedicine visit with Dr. Sidhu

Following the tips below will help you and your child prepare for your video visit in advance to ensure the best possible experience for your family:


  • Try to find a well-lit, quiet area of your home for the video visit, if possible.


  • Preferably, join the video visit from a personal computer or laptop, instead of a smartphone or other small mobile device.


  • Place your computer or laptop on a stable surface.  This will allow a wider view of your home environment and a steadier video image.


  • Fully charge your device before the visit starts and turn the volume up to maximum.  Keep your device plugged into a power supply throughout the visit.


  • Close any unused programs that may be a distraction during the video visit.


  • Prepare a list of questions or concerns in advance.


  • Our visits are long because we like to spend quality time addressing your needs.  You may wish to set a glass or water or other refreshment by your side before the video visit starts.